Survive (competition-oriented) or Thrive (cooperation-oriented)? Mitigate/Adapt or Cultivate?
Our choice determines what kind of END we desire and what MEANs will be devised to achieve our chosen END.

SunHub Inc. is designed to be a grassroot world organization, a think & act tank, a for-profit social enterprise community. We cultivate ourselves, whether academics or practitioners from diverse sectors, to become Intersection Leaders, who think holistically and forwardly, uphold high moral standards, specialize in the field of each and everyone’s comparative advantages, possess the Olympic, entrepreneurial and craftsman spirit, are also connectors, doers, and facilitators.

Olympic Charter is as highlighted at the Sport in Society: How Sport Influences Culture and Impacts Social Change webinar by Jennifer Walinga, professor at Royal Roads University, and former member of Canada’s Commonwealth, World and Olympic gold medal rowing teams.

Play, Purpose and Potential

As Intersection Leaders aiming to bridge Knowledge and Doing for producing greater social and environmental impacts, we are motivated by Play, Purpose and Potential so that we can balance tactical and adaptive practices to achieve deeper collaboration and higher performance as illustrated by Lindsay McGregor, CEO of Vega Factor. While Tactical performance executes more on knowledge, adaptive performance is chiefly powered by wisdom.