Let’s work together!

To assist academics gaining practical skills and practitioners gaining theoretical knowledge which will then exponentially enhance expertise and creativity, SunHub plans to co-orchestrate a unified global movement purposefully, strategically, and systematically through initiation and implementation of four integrated research and practice projects. Intersection Leaders participate in every project but with different capacity in each.

The four projects are:

  1. Co-define shared vision and value(s) - to determine what our common vision, value, and belief of global citizens are (Individual transformation)
  2. Co-create World System Economic Plan – to co-create the 40-year World System Economic Plan that values what's important in one's life, facilitates an equitable and efficient global trade. To determine how to best govern the world economic system that enable maximization of individual performance for a sustainable future (Systems transformation)
  3. Co-cultivate Intersection Leaders - to first pilot Integrated Action Research practice in high education learning of transformative leadership and social innovation programs for cultivating Intersection Leaders (Educational transformation)
  4. Co-develop convention centres - to first pilot a convention centre in nature by leveraging existing facilities and resources for Intersection Leaders to gather in person for broadening and deepening mutually a transformational experience (Relationship transformations)

SunHub plans to facilitate global co-envisioning, co-strategizing, and integrated action research. Together with Intersection Leader partners, we envision, we strategize, we research, we action, and we integrate to build a world we all can flourish.

Implementation of such projects will provide world political leaders with evidence for policymaking and help governments fulfill highest priority mandates. SunHub plans to join Intersection Leader partner organizations to seek government and community grant fundings for research projects and service contracts for producing public benefits. SunHub revenue streams would come from a share of research grants and service fees.