Let’s think!

Solving complex, interconnected problems require deeper thinkers to process a wide range of diverse views through stimulating dialogues. This zone enables Intersection Leaders to share and exchange ideas, concerns, opinions, views, feedbacks, comments.

Some explorative questions to get started:

Fundamentally, what is climate issue?

Could human issue, justice issue be the roots of climate crisis as well as many other crises?

Why do crises arise?

Does it seem like, from the trend of human development since came to Earth, crises are unintended consequences (by-products) from our explorative journey where humans constantly search for ways to satisfy our given special roles on this planet, especially reflected in recent centuries through agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, informational revolution, and development of various disciplines and sectors?

Where does it appear that humans are given special roles?

Is it not humans being given ingenuity in body, mind, heart, and soul that is much more superior and complex overall than any other single species on Earth?

What is the purpose?

Does it seem like the purpose is for humans to transform the Earth from a wild nature into a harmonious nature with freedom and order in balance so that every being can thrive?

Is human part of nature and is nature in human?

Can human develop ingenuity?

Does it reflect in human’s cognitive progress to today?

What motivates the development of ingenuity the most?

Does it seem like human’s self-interest motivates the development of ingenuity the most?

Is the pursuit of self-interest a cause of the Tragedy of Common?

Does the Tragedy of Common seem to happen only when the pursuit of self-interest is not in alignment with the well-being of society?

How can we align self-interest with the well-being of society?

Could a 40-year “World System” economic plan be designed collectively to change the rules of the game by nurturing ideal humans, cultivating human ingenuity, leveraging social coordination, and incentivizing humans to organically make this desired alignment? Considering:

  • Who does not want to own and to express talents, professionally and personally?
  • Who does not want to live a good life, materially and spiritually?

What do ideal humans look like?

Would ideal humans think globally, holistically, and forwardly, uphold high moral standards, specialize in the field of each and everyone’s comparative advantages, possess the Olympic, entrepreneurial and craftsman spirit, are connectors, leaders, doers, and facilitators, in unique capacity…

How so?

Guided by the universe, nature, history, political philosophy, psychology… does the combination of these characteristics more likely lead to sustainable outcomes?


What will happen if we unite people of the world?

What will happen if we consolidate, coordinate, and facilitate global efforts and resources for tackling these urgent world problems together by roots, instead of individually by branches?

What kind of history would humans of this exciting era be writing?

How to get started?

Would COP26 be a perfect event for co-orchestrating a unified global movement purposefully, strategically, and systematically?

Should we first to establish a share global vision that gives us a sense of direction?

Should we dream to envision?